Valeriu Sepi

Sepi is a Romanian artist based in Singapore, and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting person I’ve met. He always stands out in the room with his looming voice and commanding stature, which is also an accurate description of his murals. When Sepi is around, he never runs out of interesting stories to tell from his past. And when he talks about one of his artworks, he will take you through his fascinating train of thought, from research to realizations to execution.

You can see his works here:

Clarence Wee

Imagine receiving an invite letter that is beautifully and personally handwritten. This is what Clarence does for a living as a bespoke calligrapher. It all started in school when he had an interest in Typography… and later progressed on doing wedding invites and envelopes, to eventually doing work with Chanel, Bvlgary, Mulberry, and Givency, to name a few.

If you want to add elegance and sincerity to your hard copy correspondence, check out the works of master calligraphist Clarence Wee -

B. Jane Cowie
Glass Artist

Jane has been working with glass for over 20 years, travelling extensively across England, Europe, USA, Japan, and South East Asia - fuelled by her commitment and desire to learn more on creating glass art. She exhibits regularly around the world, and is included in numerous public and private collections. More recently, she has designed, created, and installed works into The Majestic Hotel, Raffles City - Stamford Cafe and the Circles Restaurant in Manila Shangri-la. Currently based in Singapore, she works as a glass artist, designer, teacher, and glass-making consultant within the greater region of South East Asia.

You can check out her works at

Gregory Burns

Gregory is a world-class athlete, an internationally recognized fine artist, a prolific inspirational speaker, and a global traveller. He set 4 world records in swimming during 3 consecutive Paralympic Games, and completed 5 IronMan events. His art is inspired by 30 years of international travel and competitive sports, with 80 solo and group exhibitions in a dozen countries since 1980 and a featured resident artist in over 20 venues around the world. Gregory’s extraordinary achievements has been the source of inspiration for thousands through international speaking engagements. He is truly one of the most remarkable person I’ve met in Singapore.

You can know more about him here

Feroze McLeod
Tattoo Artist

Feroze is the electric tattooist and owner of Hounds of the Baskervilles, an old Western-style barbershop and tattoo / piercing shop rolled into one. As we stepped inside and walked through the barbershop and into the tattoo studio, it was like a turn-of-the-century experience. We didn’t talk much during the shoot as he and the other tattoists in the studio were swamped with work while we set up the lights and took photos while trying not to disturb their flow. He was very cool about it, though.

You can know more about him here

Jose Bosco

Jose Maria Bustos is an artist with considerable accomplishments in both Contemporary and Performance Art. Walking around his home, seeing all his huge artworks on the wall, and listening to his stories of art and travel, it was clear that his versatility abounds: from being a painter, curator, educator, traveller, DJ, visual merchandising practitioner, and performance artist.

Michael Ng

Michael is one of Singapore’s premier avant-garde artist and illustrator, creating his distinct brand of art for more than 20 years now. He is also known as Mindflyer, which is quite apt if you look at this vibrantly playful and whimsical works of art. He has collaborated with major agencies like JWT, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, and DYR, and done work for Coca-cola, Adidas, Tangs, Shell, Cadbury, Singapore Zoological Garden, and Starhub. He’s also one of 3 founders of the Organization of Illustrator’s Council (OIC) in his desire to strengthen the design scene in Singapore.

You can see his work here

Ryan Clift

Ryan Clift is a chef extraordinaire and successful restaurateur who launched The Tippling Club - ranked 45th best bar in the world by The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2013, and named Restaurant of the Year at the Singapore World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence 2013. As he was walking me through his test kitchen, it was clear that he was the perfect mix of scientist and artist, able to bring his creations to a new level.

Know more about him here

Brian Adams

Brian is a celebrated painter whose work has been selected for exhibitions in Art Singapore, Singapore International Art Fair, and American Club of Singapore. Add to this, he is also an accomplished architect, interior designer, and furniture designer. But with his unending thirst for discovery, his latest venture is into painting using the iPad - which is now his portable studio. His iPad paintings are now sold as limited collections using various medium.

You can see his works here

Madhvi Subrahmanian

Madhvi is an artist, writer, and curator based in Singapore. She is a studio potter who draws inspiration from natural forms representing fertility and abundance, which are often paralleled in ancient artifacts and contemporary art. Her works are found in several private and public collections such as Mumbai Airport Authority in India, JSW foundation in India, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, India Ceramic Museum in China and Nparks, Singapore.

You can see her works here

Ben Qwek

Ben is a multi-disciplinary artist who likes to fuse mainstream illustration with edgy street art. His works are often detailed and beautifully complex, filled to the brim with attitude. He also specializes in 3D anamorphic floor art - you will often see his work looming in the streets playfully distorting perspective. He has done work for Nike, Heineken, Johnnie Walker, GAP, Tiger Beer, Sony, Adidas, HSBC, to name a few.

Check out his works here

P. Gnana

Gnana is a distinguished, leading painter and sculptor in Singapore whose artworks are being collected in Southeast Asia, Europe, and South Asia, including the President of the Republic of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum of the National Heritage Board. Experimentation, serious and sometimes meditative, has been one of the key instruments that has shaped Gnana’s creative journey through the past sixteen years, allowing him to rejuvenate in a world of constant change and fluctuating emotions.

You can view his works here

Xiehui Stone
Leather craftsman

Xie Hui is a leather designer and craftsman specialising in bespoke leather goods including watch straps, card holders, and laptop sleeves. The embodiment of cool, he was a man of few words during the shoot, but his aura and environment shouts out rockstar.

Check out his works here

Claude Verly
Event Architect

Claude is an event architect extraordinaire who operates His company manages and promotes visual and performing artists both in Singapore and overseas. Clause is a very charming guy and comes up with unique and crazy ideas for art events. It was through him that I got to hold my first major photography exhibition in tcc. He is a huge help in getting me to start with this “The Artist is his Studio” portrait project as he was the one who introduced me to most of the artists featured here. I wouldn’t have done this without him.

You can check out his official Facebook page here

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